Vitility's new hand & foot care concept
Get to know our new hand & foot care line throughout this article.

The reason behind the change.

The products of our hand & foot care line have a new look. The products used to be available in flashy blue colors. We felt that the presentation of these products no longer fit the current spirit of our organization and aesthetically do not match our current range. In addition, it was noticeable to us that there was no uniformity in the colors between the products. In our experience, it sometimes happened that the outcomes differed just a few shades of blue from each other. 

Based on this, we completely changed the products in this range from blue to black. A color with which, in our opinion, you really can't go wrong. This decision makes the product line look fresh and makes it blend well together into one complete concept. Now, there is no longer any need to worry about products that do not match or fit into the aesthetic picture of everyone's bathroom.

So what exactly can you expect from us?

It is important to provide the hands and feet with good care on both cold and hot days, otherwise, this can result in dry hands and feet.

By barely looking after the care of your feet, foot problems can also occur, such as blisters, cracked heels, ingrown toenails, and calluses. You can use the nail clipper, foot rasp, pumice stone, and nail file to combat these problems.

When it comes to the care and hygiene of the hands, you can use our nail file and tweezers.

The products are all made of solid plastic and black TPR material. The TPR material ensures that the products have a firm hold, which is why you can use them with great comfort and grip.

To refresh your memory, we will explain the products below.


70110970 - R.R.P. €4.95
The tweezers allow you to remove splinters from your hands or feet. Of course, it can also come in handy when removing hairs from a cosmetic point-of-view. It has a silicon material that improves your grip around the product.

Nail clipper

70110950 - R.R.P. €6.95
The nail clipper has a handle with a spring system that causes it to automatically re-open after clipping your nails.

Nail file

70110960 - R.R.P. €5.95
The nail file has a non-slip handle that provides a better grip. It has a rough and fine side to take care of your nails.

Footrasp with file

70110990 - R.R.P. €8.95
The foot rasp with the file will help you remove excessive buildup of skin, like calluses, around your feet and makes sure your feet will feel soft again. Because of the big handle with TPR material, it is easy to hold on to and put pressure on it if necessary.

Pummice stone with brush

70110980 - R.R.P. €6.95
The pumice stone with a brush is a multifunctional foot care aid. It has a big handle with TPR material which makes it non-slippery, and because of that, you can hold it firmly.


The first products have been ordered and will be delivered to you in the new style!

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Mori van Haren

Mori works as a project manager at Mixed.Industries.

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