Building on a strong foundation, we are excited to unveil the VITILITY ID line, marking a significant evolution in our brand's journey. The VITILITY ID line represents the next level of our commitment, where the core principles of our original offerings are not only preserved but also enhanced. This new label stands for superior quality and a deeper focus on sophisticated design, mirroring our unwavering dedication to not just meeting but surpassing the dynamic needs and expectations of our users. With VITILITY ID, exceptional design and functionality converge, offering a suite of premium products that defy the premium price tag.

"Transforming daily living aids into pieces that impress both in support and design"

VITILITY has always stood out in the market of daily living aids—a sector traditionally driven by necessity rather than desire—as not just a brand, but a revolution. We hold the conviction that necessity should not preclude desire. Our mission is to transcend traditional market boundaries by reimagining the very essence of daily living aids. We are set to challenge the status quo, transforming aids from mere functional items into icons of style and personal expression. Our products are crafted to meet the needs of those who require them, while also appealing to anyone who values design, functionality, and fashion equally.



Our packaging is the finishing touch to the VITILITY ID concept, where every detail has been meticulously considered to complete the overall vision. It’s more than just a container; it’s a stylish packaging designed to present each product as a small gift. This approach reflects our belief that functionality and design should go hand-in-hand, not just within the product itself but down to the very details of its presentation. It turns the experience of receiving a VITILITY ID product into something special, a moment of wonder and appreciation for the craftsmanship behind it. With this packaging, we underscore that every aspect of our products, from concept to consumer, is an expression of our commitment to quality, innovation, and style.

  1. A stylish packaging designed  

  2. Protectively packaged like a gift. 
  3. 16 languages on the packaging  

  4. How to use the product

  5. QR-code linked to the product video

  6. Product specification

  7. FSC-certified packaging materials.


Vitility is offered in various types and sizes of stores. That is why we offer a great deal of versatility in-store solutions. We have ready-made concepts for your shelf system, but we can also offer individual display systems. With these different options, a Vitility location can be created for each type or size of store concept. Whether you are looking for a display suitable for impulse purchases, or a 5-meter concept for your maxi store. 

Due to the high degree of flexibility and customization, it is difficult to form a good picture of the result. That is why we like to work out your customized display in a 3d image. This way you get a good impression of how the display fits in your store(s). We will of course provide unique designs that match your store concept.