The bordeaux red with black colored medicine box
Take your medication with this 7-day pill box.

Take your medication with this 7-day pill box.

The Pill box week.

One of our most sold items is the Pill box week. This product is used daily with the intake of medicines and supplements. The pill box has been transformed from blue and white to black and bordeaux red. This decision makes the product match the look & feel of the brand. 
This applies to the following product: 
70610250 Pill box - week 

The box contains seven numbered compartments that can be slid in and out of each other, making it possible to take only one or a few compartments with you. The seven compartments make it possible to divide the medication by day of the week. 

The idea behind the change
Since the foundation of Vitility, we have been looking critically at our range. We hear from the market where there is a need and where there is not. In addition, we have a vision from which we work. A dream of what Vitility should be and what it can mean to others. We are optimizing the products and implementing one style in an ongoing process. 

A style in which the colors black and white are the base and in which the secondary colors are red, gray, and green. We have researched what the trends are in the market and what we think fits the brand that we want to radiate. By carefully examining colors that fit together, it will come together well within one color theme. 

Dark and calm colors fit the Vitility brand. Colors that give the feeling of luxury and ensure a better fitting in a homely environment.

You will see this new look & feel in both the products and retail packaging from 2023.

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Mori van Haren

Mori works as a Project manager at MIXED.Industries. 

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