A white Plate rim & Cup Nosey
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The Plate rim & Cup Nosey.

We are gradually phasing out Vitility's image logo, as we move towards a calmer look for our brand. As a result, the Plate rim will not contain a logo. In addition, the product has become whiter in color (as white as your plate). We owe this to the collaboration with a new supplier. The cup Nosey has changed from a sea green color to a white color. This ensures that it fits better aesthetically within the range. 

This applies to the following products: 
70210280 Plate Rim 
80210310 Cup Nosey 

The plate rim can be attached around a normal plate. This creates a vertical rim, allowing food to be pushed onto cutlery more easily and reducing spillages. It is also possible to eat using only one hand with the plate rim. 

The cup with an opening for the nose is ideal for people who have restricted neck and head movement due to, for example, arthritis or whiplash. The cup is designed to enable the user to drink using little to no shoulder, head, or neck movements. 

The vision behind the change.
Since the foundation of Vitility, we have been looking critically at our range. We hear from the market where there is a need and where there is not. In addition, we have a vision from which we work. A dream of what Vitility should be and what it can mean to others. We are optimizing the products and implementing one style in an ongoing process. 

A style in which the colors black and white are the base and in which the secondary colors are red, gray, and green. We have researched what the trends are in the market and what we think fits the brand that we want to radiate. By carefully examining colors that fit together, it will come together well within one color theme. 

Dark and calm colors fit the Vitility brand. Colors that give the feeling of luxury and ensure a better fitting in a homely environment.

You will see this look & feel in both the products and retail packaging throughout 2023.

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Mori van Haren

Mori works as a Project manager at MIXED.Industries. 

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