Vitility is the brand behind multiple useful products that make everyday life easier. We understand that every day may not be as easy when you experience physical difficulties. But when you do get to experience the comfort of a day that passes with ease, life is great. We value those days. And we want more of them.

 "Transforming daily living aids into pieces that impress both in support and design"

The Vitility product range is divided into six different categories. In this range, we offer products, for example, that help with getting up, personal care, food preparation, and walking. Vitility gladly assists in attaining an active and independent life for as long as possible. Young and old, with or without a medical limitation, Vitility is for everyone.



Our goal is to make affordable, easy access, and good-looking products. In 2013 we changed the daily living aids market by introducing a fresh, colorful packaging concept. As the years have passed, we’ve seen that our packaging concept has been embraced. We always like to stay ahead in the market, and now it’s time to amend. So, we figured our packaging requires a fresh breath of air.

We see a transition in the market that bright colors change into soft colors. That’s why we choose a softer, refined, and efficient Vitility. We want to make your life easier. That means physically easy as well as
psychologically easy. Our products should be pleasant to the eye. And we are convinced that this starts with packaging since this is the first thing you see when you visit the store to buy your daily living aids.

  1. 6 new colors that indicate the product category

  2. Top icon specifies the product category

  3. ⁠Every packaging is provided with an Euroloch

  4. A soothing appearance

  5. ⁠Unisex drawing that is more inclusive

  6. ⁠16 languages on the packaging

  7. ⁠Image representing the product in question

  8. ⁠How to use the product

  9. ⁠QR-code linked to the product video

  10. ⁠Product specification


Vitility is offered in various types and sizes of stores. That is why we offer a great deal of versatility in-store solutions. We have ready-made concepts for your shelf system, but we can also offer individual display systems. With these different options, a Vitility location can be created for each type or size of store concept. Whether you are looking for a display suitable for impulse purchases, or a 5-meter concept for your maxi store. 

Due to the high degree of flexibility and customization, it is difficult to form a good picture of the result. That is why we like to work out your customized display in a 3d image. This way you get a good impression of how the display fits in your store(s). We will of course provide unique designs that match your store concept.